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Welcome! This site lets you upload an aerial photo, field sketch or map extract and overlay it onto a modern map. There are 4 steps:

  1. Upload an image file (JPG or PNG) from your hard drive (if it's not too large)
  2. Crop any white space or margins
  3. Tag it — at least 3 locations, then ...

Zoom, Stretch, Rotate, Scale!

We'll load it onto a modern map and you can rubbersheet it to fit.


Jump back and forth or come back later and pickup where you left off.


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Step #1 - Upload

Step #2 - Crop

Step #3 - Tag

Step #4 - Rubbersheet

Toolbar Options 
  1. Move image
  2. Scale image
  3. Rubbersheet (distort-corners)
  4. Rotate
  5. Scale-rotate
  6. Unlock / Lock image
  1. Time spent determining the exact corners will guide how close our initial fit is.
  2. If you put the corner in as a trench map reference, such as 57c.J.16.b.3.1, then we will calculate the latitude and longitude for you.


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